Buster’s Bark, a sweet, salty, crunchy and chocolaty confection is the inspired product of local (and to her friends and family legendary) home cook Judy DiPietro Remillard.

Buster’s Bark is a family recipe named after the Remillard’s beloved chocolate Labrador retriever, and has been a treasured gift prized by friends and family alike over the years. Thankfully, it’s now available to everyone.

After persistent encouragement from virtually all who have enjoyed Judy’s culinary skills, she has embarked (no pun intended) on a mission from her home kitchen in Southbridge, Massachusetts to provide this sweet treat to all. Made in small batches and artfully crafted from wholesome ingredients, Buster’s Bark is the perfect balance of fine chocolate, toffee, fresh walnuts and a pleasing salty crunch. It’s a well-deserved indulgence and you will find that one is never enough! Buster’s Bark will effortlessly compliment your favorite cup of coffee, tea, or glass of fine wine. Or, pamper your decadent inclinations and crumble it on top of your favorite ice cream and dessert!

Next time you crave a salty, nutty, chocolaty, toffee crunchy treat, remember Buster’s Bark. It’s worth the bite!