Why Premium Chocolate Toffee Candy Pairs Nicely with Desserts

Why Premium Chocolate Toffee Candy Pairs Nicely with Desserts


Chocolate toffee candy is utterly delicious on its own. The sweetness of the chocolate paired with rich buttery toffee – it’s hard to stop nibbling once you’ve started. It’s the perfect harmony of salty and sweet!

But what if we told you there’s more than one way to enjoy chocolate toffee candy?

It’s true! You can take your favorite desserts to the next level by pairing them with premium chocolate toffee candy. It’s an incredible way to add another element to a traditional sweet treat. Here are some ways to make some of your old dessert favorites extra special with chocolate toffee candy:


Lay it in mousse to create a heavenly dessert

Chocolate mousse is rich, luscious and decadent. And while we absolutely love it, adding another texture makes it even more irresistible. The smoothness of the mousse complements the playful crunch of the toffee candy to make a dessert that will make you sigh.


Sprinkle it on top of ice cream

Are you bored of the same ol’ ice cream options? Had one too many ice cream cones topped with crushed Oreos, chocolate chips, M&M’s, gummy bears, rainbow sprinkles and other traditional toppings?

If so, then crumble some chocolate toffee candy on top of your ice cream and swoon over how it has the magic to make even plain vanilla taste like a whole new flavor.


Add a layer of it in-between cooled cake

Before you start frosting the cake that fresh out of the oven and now cooling on the rack, think about how you can add a surprise ingredient your family and guests won't expect. Why not add a layer of salty sweet chocolate toffee candy in-between the layers? Its buttery crunch will complement the soft, moist cake nicely.


As an alternative to chocolate for S’mores

We all love S’mores! And assembling its layers is part of the fun for everyone. The next time you’re in charge of the ingredients, surprise your family and friends with a twist on the traditional S’mores by replacing the plain chocolate with premium chocolate toffee candy.

Wedged between roasted marshmallow and two pieces of graham cracker, the chocolate toffee candy will melt just enough to make your unique S’mores ooze and your friends say “ooh.”


Paired with wine, coffee or tea

Premium chocolate toffee candy such as Buster’s Bark is great naked right out of the box. This “dessert crack” is addictive for all the right reasons. We wouldn’t dare stop you from eating it the way you like and at your own pace! But we’ve discovered that this salty, nutty, chocolatey, toffee crunchy treat also pairs beautifully with a lovely red dessert wine or a hot cup of coffee or tea.

How you want to indulge in your chocolate toffee candy is entirely up to you. We won’t judge! But if you have any secret pairings that you find delightful and want to share, we’d love to hear about them!

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